Opnbx AI

Opnbx AI

Opnbx AI is a sales messaging software that uses the latest AI technology for customizing messages and monitoring customer involvement. Opnbx’s user-friendly interface makes it possible to automatically send selling messages, which means that users can easily produce and manage campaigns. On top of that, it fits perfectly with existing CRM systems thereby simplifying the management of customer data. This article will explore Opnbx.ai’s features, pricing, advantages, and disadvantages, and compare it with other players in the same market.

Features of Opnbx AI

Opnbx.ai offers the following key features to expand your sales outreach:

  • AI-powered message personalization: Opnbx.ai uses natural language processing and machine learning to analyze LinkedIn profiles, posts, and audience interactions to create personalized messages that are relevant, timely, and engaging. Users can customize the tone, style, and length of their messages, and preview them before sending.
  • Campaign management and optimization: Opnbx.ai offers a platform where individuals can develop and oversee multiple campaigns, targeting different audience segments, objectives, and messaging. Moreover, users can also track the effectiveness of each campaign by monitoring open, reply, and conversion rates and eventually receive recommendations on what changes should be made.
  • An important feature of Opnbx AI is that it can be easily integrated with major CRM systems, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho, among others. This feature allows you to automatically synchronize all customer-related data, as well as all activities, from one platform to another. Additionally, users are given the power to define actions and workflows by considering customers’ responses and behaviors.
  • Multi-language support: Opnbx.ai supports many languages. It can generate messages in the native language of the audience which increases the chances of getting a positive response.

Benefits Of Opnbx AI

  • Save time and increase productivity: Opnbx.ai eliminates the need for manual research and writing cold emails. It allows users to send personalized messages in seconds. Users can also automate the follow-up process, and focus on the most qualified leads.
  • Boost response and conversion rates: It also increases the response and conversion rate by creating messages that are personal to the prospects, address their needs, pain points, questions, and concerns, and are highly relevant and feel human and natural – so that it increases the most likely chance of a singular point of contact from a prospect.
  • Enhance customer data and intelligence: It enriches the customer data with additional information from LinkedIn and tracks the engagement and feedback of the prospects. This can help users understand the customer journey, and optimize their sales strategy and messaging.

Pricing Of Opnbx AI?

The Basic plan costs $34.99 a month with a lot of cool features. With this plan, you will be able to send up to 500 messages and schedule up to 5 campaigns. The Premium plan includes everything the Basic plan has but with up to 1000 messages a month and lots of other advanced features and integrations, it costs $69.99 a month. Your enterprise clients can get a quote from the Opnbx.ai team either via the phone or by email.

Drawbacks of Opnbx AI

Opnbx.ai also has some drawbacks that users should be aware of:

  1. Lack of customization: Opnbx.ai uses its own unique­ language models to create­ messages. The downside­? Users can’t adjust these me­ssages easily to refle­ct their brand’s voice or address ce­rtain situations and objections.
  2. Legal concerns: Opnbx.ai‘s AI mimics human sale­sagents and might not specify that a machine se­nds the messages. This could cause­ legal or ethical problems, e­specially where data privacy and conse­nt laws are tight.
  3. High cost and dependency: Opnbx.ai charges a monthly fee based on the number of messages and campaigns, and users may need to pay more to access advanced features and integrations. Users may also become dependent on Opnbx.ai, and lose their own skills and creativity in sales messaging.

Comparison with competitors

Opnbx.ai isn’t the only sales messaging software to utilize AI technology – there are plenty of alternatives, some of which are very similar and some much different. Here are some of Opnbx.ai’s competitors and the comparisons.

  • Crystal: Crystal is a sales personality platform that explains the personality, communication style, and preferences of your prospects, and gives you personalized advice and tips on how to communicate and connect with them. You can enter your prospect’s email and Crystal will analyze their online profiles and behavior using psychometric data and natural language processing techniques to generate their personality profile and understand their tone, voice, likes and dislikes, and more! For example, you can leverage Crystal’s unique selling point to write more personalized and persuasive messages for every prospect, as you know more about them, their personality, attitudes, and inclinations. As a result, you can easily create a strong connection and gain trust from your potential customers. Crystal is not as good as Opnbx AI, as it can only help you tailor your approach to the personality of your prospects. Searching for a unique selling proposition for another product, let’s say that Crystal can automatically generate personalized messages for each prospect, based on analyzing their social media activity and public information.

  • Lusha: Lusha is a sales search tool that helps users find and verify their prospects’ contact information and social media profiles, allowing you to contact them via email or phone. Lusha uses web scraping and data mining to aggregate and validate data from various sources, providing users with accurate and up-to-date information Lusha is more comprehensive and reliable than Opnbx .ai, because it can help users find and contact the right prospects, and up – can avoid wrong emails and numbers but Lusha doesn’t generate automatic messages, they must a users write their own messages based on the information and templates they receive from Lusha. Lusha is also more aggressive and dangerous than Opnbx.ai, as it can violate prospects’ privacy and consent, and expose users to legal and ethical issues.


Opnbx AI is a sales messaging software that uses AI technology to personalize messages and track customer engagement. It can help sales teams save time, increase productivity, increase response and conversion rates, and increase customer data intelligence. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as limited customization and control, possible ethical and legal issues, and high cost and reliability. Opnbx.ai isn’t the only sales messaging software that uses AI technology, there are other options that offer similar or different features and benefits. Users should compare and evaluate options and choose the one that best suits their needs and goals.

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