Sam Altman The CEO Of OpenAI (ChatGPT) Fired By Board Members

Hoshen Chowdhury

Sam Altman the CEO of OpenAI is being fired by their board of members. We all know OpenAI as this company made the revolutionary Artificial Intelligence which is ChatGPT.

Reason For Firing Sam Altman CEO Of OpenAI

The Board members of OpenAI say that Sam Altman failed to maintain consistent communications with the board of members. As a result, the board of members felt a lack of confidence in Sam Altman to continue the leadership in OpenAI. As a result, the board of members fired him. OpenAi published an OpenAI announcing the leadership transition and they have confirmed the news. In the statements they said

Sam Altman
source: OpenAi

The members of OpenAi also refused to answer about the allegations of Sam.

Statement Of Sam Altman

The ex-CEO of OpenAI gave a statement on the social media platform Twitter, he said the journey of OpenAI was very good he enjoyed his time here.

Journey Of Sam Altman In OpenAI

Sam Altman was born on April 22, 1985. He is an American entrepreneur and investor. His full name is Samuel Harris Altman. Sam has lots of business experience and many handled many things in his 38 age.

Sam Altman

At the age of 19, 2015 he cofounded Loopt, a mobile application-based social networking platform. He also raised 30 million dollars in the company but the startup failed due to gain users.

Altman was also the CEO of the American most popular forum Reddit for eight days in 2014.

He also co-founded Worldcoin in 2019 a tool for humanity. The main aim of Worldcoin was to provide a reliable way to authenticate humans online.

OpenAi was also funded by Sam Altman in the initial stage. Then in 2019 he focused more on OpenAI and became the CEO of OpenAi. With the investment of 1 Billion dollars from Microsoft, Sam helped to raise this. The journey was wonderful for him during the time of his CEO career in OpenAI, he has done many wonderful things. ChatGPT one of the best artificial intelligence in this era is the most advanced tech we are seeing now. Sam was the face of ChatGPT and a brand for this company. On November 17 2023 the board members decided to fire him from the seat of CEO and we already know the reasons for that.

Sam also shared his opinions on his Twitter account about the board of AI.

Who Is The New CEO Of OpenAI?

The CTO of OpenAI Mira Murati has appointed an Interim CEO who will be effective immediately. The company said it will remain as it is until they find a permanent replacement for this post.

Mira Murati Ceo of OpenAI

Mira Murati was born in December 1988, she is an Albanian engineer and business executive. She joined OpenAI in 2018 and served as a CTO of OpenAi. She completed her studies in Canada in Mechanical Engineering. When she was doing her under graduation she built a hybrid racecar. She joined OpenAI as a researcher in 2018 and did lots of work and in 2022 she was appointed as a Chief Technology Officer of OpenAI.

Greg Brockman who was the co-founder of OpenAI and the Top Executive of this company the board also released him from his role but he can remain in this company. After hearing the news from board members Greg Brockman also said on his Twitter account that “he quit” Greg also invested in this company at the initial time like Altman. He also posts his statement on his Twitter account we can have a look, he said he and Sam are shocked and sad by the decision of the board team.

We all know about OpenAI for the Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT. In the last several years, ChatGPT has served us in many ways they have introduced many features for us. After the change of CEO let’s see what more features will introduced to us, and the big question remains who will be the next permanent CEO of this Gaint company OpenAI?

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