Google Gemini The New AI Model For Google Bard

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Google launched their first large AI model Google Gemini. Google Bard will now use this Gemini Ai model. If you go to Google Bard’s website you can see the new update of Gemini Pro. On December 6 2023 the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai posted a note on Google blog about this. Sundar Pichai said in his note that it was a really exciting project for him that he got a chance to make an AI that will help everyone in the whole world. Let’s discuss more about Google’s New Largest Artificial Intelligence Model.

What Is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini is a next-generation, large language model (LLM) developed by Google AI. It’s considered one of the most advanced and capable AI models currently available, boasting several unique features that have ever been made by the team of Google. Gemini is so flexible that it can be run on every device easily directly from Google’s data center.

Introduction of Google Gemini by Google on Youtube

Gemini 1.0 the first version is introduced in three different sizes.

Gemini Ultra is the largest and the most capable AI model. It can be called the powerhouse of the Gemini family. It can handle most complex tasks easily. It will be highly demanding for applications like advanced reasoning, scientific research, code development, and complex problem-solving. It is currently limited to some selected researchers and some partners for experiments and feedback.

Gemini Pro is best for scaling, it’s suitable for a wide range of tasks. This size maintains the balance between performance and accessibility. It’s very good for AI applications on cloud platforms and it supports large-scale data analysis. Gemini Pro will be available in early 2024 for developers and enterprise customers.

Gemini Nano is the lightweight version of Gemini. It is designed for mobile devices and edge computing. It will be used for providing AI computing in small devices like mobile, smart speakers, and other embedded devices. Gemini Nano is already integrated into the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, powering features like Summarise in the Recorder app and Smart Reply via Gboard.

Consumers can choose any size from them and use it on their own for better performance.

When Google Gemini Will Be Available For Everyone?

As we all know Google has launched Google Gemini 1.0 for this moment. At this moment Google Bard is using the Gemini Pro version. If you want to test the Gemini then you can use Google Bard for now. This is one of the biggest updates Bard got so far.

It will be available in 170 countries and territories in English. Google is planning to launch it in different languages, modalities, and locations in their upcoming updates. Google also said that in the coming months, we will see Gemini in the Google search engine, Google Ads, Google Chrome, and Duet AI.

Google also started their experiments in Google search with Gemini to make Search Generative Experience (SGE) faster for users.

On this month December 13, 2023, developers also with Enterprise customers can use the Gemini Pro using the Google AI Studio. The AI studio of Google is free and it’s a Web-based tool for developers that will allow them to launch an Application quickly with Gemini Pro API key. Developers can customize this model on their own to make it more useful for them.

As for Gemini Ultra, it will be released soon, it is now in experiment mode. As this model is too much powerful google is ensuring its security to make this more secure model. Now this size is only limited to some users and companies so that they can test it and give feedback for making it better.

Beyond Text: Embracing the Multimodal World

Unlike its predecessors, Google Gemini isn’t confined to the realm of words. This groundbreaking model can seamlessly understand and process various modalities, including:

  • Speech: It can help to engage in natural and engaging conversations through voice commands.
  • Text: It can also Master human-style writing, translation, and communication.
  • Images: It can Interpret and analyze visual information, including emojis and complex pictures.
  • Code: For the programmers, it can be a good tool. It will assist programmers with coding tasks and generate relevant code snippets.
  • Video: Extract valuable insights from video content, recognizing patterns and understanding context.
  • Audio: Analyze and interpret audio signals, identifying emotions and deciphering complex soundscapes.

The Future Of Google Gemini

Google is continuously refining its Artificial Intelligence technology day by day. After ChatGPT google launched their first AI which is Google Bard but they released it in an experimental way people are using this in many ways. Now Google Bard is using the Gemini AI model. It’s a good decision from Google that they have launched something new for the Bard.

In this stage of Artificial intelligence and Google launches Gemini 1.0, we can also expect even more advancements in the Gemini model. The future version might offer even higher performance, new capabilities, and further size variations to cater to an even broader spectrum of needs.

Final Words

Google Gemini is one of the most Advanced Artificial intelligence from Google. In the future, it will be more advanced technology. Hope we will get a chance to use this for our better advancement. Nowadays everything in the world is making its moves to Artificial Intelligence. After the ChatGPT it’s Google Gemini let’s see who wins the race and gains more trust from users.

Hope you have learned something from this article and found the information that are you looking for. Thanks for reading this article, see you again somewhere in the world of the internet till then stay happy and stay tuned with AI Budge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Google Gemini Available?

Yes, It’s available right now in three different sizes.

Will Google Gemini Be Free?

No, it will be not free, because it has three sizes and if you want to use this free then you can try Google Bard as Bard is now using Gemini Pro.

How Does Gemini Work?

Gemini is the largest Ai model from Google. You can use this by integrating its API’s in your systems.

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