Google VideoPoet AI Unleashing Creative Video Excellence

Hoshen Chowdhury

Google VideoPoet AI which can turn text into videos. After the release of the Google Gemini Ai Model Google said that it’s a multimodal AI which means it can generate text, audio, video, and images. Google is the first tech giant company which has announce AI video generation which is a huge success.

Other AI models like GPT3.5, and GPT 4 are text-generative and image-generative none of them can generate Videos with AI. Google also said the VideoPoet AI model can generate videos from text like users will give text prompts and it will generate the video. So in this article, we will discuss more about Google VideoPoet AI and all you need to know about this AI model.

What Is Google VideoPoet AI Model?

Google VideoPoet AI model is an advanced language model (LLM) that is specialized in generating videos and other tasks. The video can be generated from text, and images also it can do stylization of video, inpainting and outpainting, and also perform video to audio.

Google VideoPoet AI
Source: Google Research

This is the visualization of the VideoPoet Model made by Google. The LLM can do many things as we can see from the preview. Using VideoPoet you can edit videos also, if you want to trim anything it will do it for you after the trimming if you want to add something there it will also do that for you.

Initially Google VideoPeot AI model could generate videos of 2-sec duration by default, but it can also generate longer videos.

How Google VideoPoet AI Model Works?

VideoPoet Ai model is a large language model. The AIs we see on the internet like ChatGPT, and Google Bard are the same as VideoPoet all of them use the same technology but their main difference is other AIs can predict text and how that will fit but the VideoPoet can not just predict the text only also it can predict the video and audio.

Google VideoPoet AI
Source: Google Research

VideoPoet AI model uses an autoregressive language model for high-quality video. Google VideoPoet is a fascinating piece of technology pushing the boundaries of AI. Let’s discuss more about how it works

  • Multimodal Learning: VideoPoet is different from other AI model that just works with text. This AI model learns from images, video, audio, and even from text also. So it knows how things work for creating a movie. This is much more creative than others.
  • Two-Step Training: VideoPoet learns in two big steps:
    • Pre-training: It uses a large number of datasets for training. As per Google to train this AI model it has used 270 million public videos and one billion image text for its training.
    • Task-specific adaptation: After the learning and training now it generates videos from its learning. Its have the ability to predict video how will look and it generates the output from it.

  • Unique Architecture:
    • MAGVIT V2 video tokenizer: This component helps the model understand visual information by converting video snippets into a “vocabulary” it can comprehend.
    • SoundStream audio tokenizer: Similar to MAGVIT, this tool translates audio snippets into its language, allowing VideoPoet to factor in sound during video creation.
    • Decoder-only LLM: This streamlined architecture enables VideoPoet to generate content beyond its specific training, opening doors for creativity and adaptation.

This is how the Google VideoPoet AI Model works.

Capabilites Of Google VideoPoet AI

VideoPoet has some unique capabilities that make it more useful. Let’s discuss all of the capabilities of VideoPoet

Text To Video: Video can be generated using text. Give VideoPoet a text prompt like “Dog is dancing on a car” and it will make a video for you using the text.

Video Editing: When you want to edit your existing videos then this AI model can help with that. It will add effects, apply filters , change the movements of objects, and add something new all can be done by this model.

Image To Video: VideoPoet can take image input and in return, it can generate a video using the image. Whenever you give an image with the text prompt it will make a video according to the image with your text prompt.

Video To Audio: It can also perform the audio generation matching the video you will give. No instructions or prompts are needed for this it will be done easily without any hassle.

Thoose are the main capabilities of the Google VideoPoet AI model. Hope you are gonna see something cool with this AI model.

Future Of VideoPoet

As artificial intelligence is growing day by day we will see more new inventions in the future. Big giant tech companies are making new products every day. Video creation with AI is a great technology from Google.

No one can predict the future and what will come in the future but in my thought this technology with be great for the future, because what we see around us everything is video. Everyone is making videos for their purpose like promotions, advertising, etc. With this Google VideoPoet AI technology, it will be easy to generate a video easily without any side hassle, you just have to give your text prompt and it will generate your video within some time. So the future of VideoPoet is good let’s see what happens in the near future.

Google VideoPoet AI Release Date

The release date of VideoPoet is not published by Google yet. But it will be released soon because Google has shared a lot of example videos on their Google Research website. So till now, we don’t know when users can use this great tool by Google.

We will update in our website when Google Gives any news about the release date of VideoPoet.


In the new era of technology Artificial Intelligence is one of the great invention of human and in this field people are doing good, big tech companies are making new products doing new inventions everyday. Google VideoPoet AI is one the great technology which is coming in near future, we already have seen the features and capabilities of the videopoet so we can think that it will be something great.

Hope you all have enjoyed this article and gained information about the VideoPoet Model. See you another time in the world of internet till than stay happy and safe and saty tuned with Ai Budge.

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