How To Access Google Gemini AI Using Google Bard Free

Hoshen Chowdhury

Google Gemini AI is now one of the largest AI models by Google. Google Gemini AI release date was 6th December 2023. After releasing the AI model, the main question arises How To Access Google Gemini AI Using Google Bard? So in this article, we will discuss How to use Gemini AI model. Let’s dive in,

How To Use The Google Gemini AI

If you want to use Gemini Ai for free the best way is Google Bard the Artificial Intelligence by Google. Bard is now using the Gemini Pro model which is free and if you are using the Google Pixel 8 Pro then you can also use this.

Let’s discuss how to use Gemini AI using Google Bard, follow the below steps

  • First, you need to visit the Google Bard Website
  • When you will first visit the Google Bard website it will ask you to sign in. Sign in to Google Bard using your Google account
Google Gemini AI Google Bard

  • After successfully signing you will see a message box where you can put your prompt
  • If you want to ensure which AI model it’s using then you can ask Bard which model it is using, if it’s using Google Gemini then it will give you the answer.

After getting confirmation that Google Bard is using the Gemini Pro you can start playing with it. Ask your quires it will give you an answer and the solution regarding your quires. Bard can read images you can upload your image here it will read the texts and give you the output you ask for, you can also try these good free features by Google Bard.

Google Bard Gemini is one of the best combinations for using it for free. As it the one of the largest artificial Intelligence models right now by Google we can utilize it in many ways using the bard.

Right now it’s best to Access Google Gemini AI, in the future, Google will introduce other ways.

How To Access Gemini AI

Google Gemini Ai is not available for everyone right now. As it’s an AI model google has released three versions of this AI model which are Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro & Gemini Nano. On December 13 2023 the developers and the enterprise customers will have access to Gemini AI using the Gemini AI studio. Developers can get the API directly from the AI studio easily and integrate it into their application.

If you are using the Google Pixel 8 Pro then you can also try to use the Gemini Pro on your Android phone. There will be some powerful features like Google Gboard and Summarising the recording app. This way you can also access the Google Gemini.

Final Words

In this article, we have learned about How To Access Google Gemini AI Using Google Bard. In this era of Artificial Intelligence google is making frequent moves. After relating the AI ChatGPT by OpenAI this field has completely changed now, and everyone is trying to compete with each other in this field. After the release of ChatGPT Google launched their AI Google Bard but it was an experimental version and it wasn’t enough good after the release of the largest Gemini AI model google integrated it into the Bard to make this thing faster and more useful for everyone.

Hope Google will launch more interesting things in the future for this Gemini AI model, Let us wait and see what is coming in the future.

Hope you have learned something from this article. See you again another time in this era of Artificial Intelligence till then Stay happy and Stay with the AI Budge.

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