How To Install and Use ChatGPT on Windows 11 Terminal Chat

Hoshen Chowdhury

Recently Microsoft has added ChatGPT on Windows 11 Terminal Chat in their Windows 11 Canary test build. ChatGPT is growing day by day, recently there a lot of controversy in OpenAI as Sam Altman The CEO Of OpenAI (ChatGPT) Fired By Board Members, and after that Microsoft Hires Sam Altman as CEO of Advanced AI Research Team. After two days Sam Altman again joined OpenAI as their CEO, and we also know that Microsoft invested 13 Billion Dollars in OpenAI so far and Microsoft owns 49% of shares in OpenAI. As a result, Microsoft will use ChatGPT in their platform and they have added ChatGPT on Windows 11 Command Line.

So in this article, we will discuss how you can install and use ChatGPT on Windows 11 terminal. Let’s Dive in and discuss this matter in detail.

Install ChatGPT on Windows 11 Terminal Chat

For using the ChatGPT on Windows 11 Terminal Chat first you need to install Windows Terminal Canary. So follow the below steps

  • First, go there and GitHub – Microsoft to install it
  • In GitHub, you will see App Installer install it
  • Then you need to open the App Installer, after opening the file you will see like below
ChatGPT on Windows 11 Terminal Chat

  • Click on the Install button to install it and it will start installing

  • After completing the installation you will have an option for launching the Windows Terminal Canary. Click on the Launch button then your terminal will open.
  • After launching the Windows Terminal Canary you will see the new terminal with the option of Terminal Chat

If you have done the following then you have successfully installed Windows Terminal Canary and you are good to use the ChatGPT on Windows 11 Terminal Chat. Now we need to set up the terminal chat for using it.

Setup Terminal Chat On Windows Terminal Canary

As we have discussed before Windows Terminal Canary does not have any built-in AI model so for using the terminal chat you need to set up the API endpoint and the key for using this. For now, the Azure OpenAI API service is only supported for terminal Chat. Follow the below steps

  • If you already have a Microsoft Account then you can use this to sign up
  • Fill up you’re details and continue
  • After creating the resource you need to Deploy a model
  • The main thing is you must select gpt-35-turbo in your deployment.

After successfully creating the resource and the model now you are ready to go. You will find the Endpoint and Key, you need to go to the Chat option in Azure OpenAI. You can find the whole guide on the official Microsoft Devblog. Collect the OpenAI Azure Endpoint and the Key by clicking View Code in Chat Session.

Source: Microsoft Devblog

How To Use ChatGPT on Windows 11 Terminal Chat?

After Collecting the Azure OpenAI endpoint and the key now we need to set up it in Windows Terminal Canary Setting. For this first you need to open the Terminal you have installed. Follow the below steps for setting up

  • First, Open the terminal and go to settings
  • Go to settings from the option or press Cntrl+, the settings will open

  • After opening the Setting go to the Terminal Chat option
  • In the Terminal Chat option, you will see the Endpoint and Secret Key section Fill them in using the key and endpoint you have got from Azure OpenAI and Click the Save button.

Now you have successfully set up the ChatGPT on Windows 11 Terminal Chat now you are ready to. Now go to the Terminal Chat option from the terminal Option and you can use this easily.

Now you can use this terminal easily for your daily work. If you are a person who uses the terminal for your daily work then ChatGPT on Windows 11 Terminal Chat will be a great feature for your work. You can get solutions for your work like deploying something or any command issues this can fix your problem and make them very useful for your work.


In this article, we have discussed the full process of installing and using the ChatGPT on Windows 11 Terminal Chat easily. Hope you can now use this great feature from Microsoft and make your work more faster and useful.

Hope to see you next time in the new world of Artificial intelligence and the Internet. Till then stay tuned with us and always stay happy and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I Use Windows Terminal Canary

Yes, you can use Windows Terminal Canary easily on your Windows operating system.

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